Soya Wax Flakes 100% Natural Vegetable Based, Massage Candle Making, Cosmetics

Soya wax is used in candle making
Soya wax is used in candle making

Replaces Eco Soy CB 135

Soya wax is used in candle making

Low burn (melt) temperature makes it perfect for massage candles

Produced in USA

Can be used with fragrance and essential oils

Environmentally friendly - significantly cleaner burn

NatureWax is a high performance Natural Wax range and includes the only 100% Soy container wax on the market today. Key benefits :

Burns up to 50% longer compared to mineral waxes

Supports increased fragrance loading in candle with no synersis as compared to paraffin based waxes.

 Exhibiting good glass adhesion resulting in fewer production issues and one pour

From renewable, sustainable, biodegradable vegetable sources that can be replenished providing long-term, reliable supply.

NatureWax C3 is supplied in flake form to enable ease of manufacturing.

Cleans with soap and hot water (no need for solvents) reducing potential damage to clothing

In a Nutshell:

Scent:                       Little Odour

Type:                         Made from Natural Soybeans

Colour:                     Off White

Process:                     Very  Refined

Country of Origin:      Earth grown soy beans grown in the USA

Properties:                 Easy to melt and weigh flakes

Application:               Personal Care ( Cosmetic)

Shelf                          36 Months

Vegan Friend             Yes

Vegetarian Friend     Yes

Soy candles are made in essentially the same way that paraffin or other wax candles are made: you heat the wax to the appropriate temperature; add color and fragrance; stir; transfer to a pouring pot; insert a wick; and pour the wax.

Where soywax candle making differs is in the types of candles that can be made. Soy is softer than paraffin, and so it is mostly used, therefore, in container candles. Soy blends are available which are marked specifically for making votives or other molded candles. Dyes and scents that are made for paraffin candles can usually be used in soy candles also. Since soybean wax is opaque, compared to the translucence of paraffin, the colors often seem more vivid. Soy also handles scent well.

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