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Taken from the leaf of a cactus like plant, Aloe Vera is said to be a healing agent for cuts, inflammation, burns and regenerating skin. It also moisturises the skin and is rapidly absorbed into the skin giving a soothing effect.
A wonderful gift set for any occasion. Choose either this wonderful anti cellulite cream with natural ingredients or the beautiful anti cellulite brush or you may choose both
A gorgeous lip balm made with pure natural essential oils
A soothing Foot Balm for aching feet without any harsh chemicals or alcohol.
This natural ointment can be used for your horse or pony on or around the hoof.
Made from sustainable natural Hemu wood, these lovely pedicure and manicure nail scrubbing brushes would make a lovely gift Weight: 50g For External Use only

Natural Skin Care Products from Aromatherapy and Natural Products in UK

Women around the world want their skin to look healthy and beautiful, but the most popular products are not naturally made.  Synthetic creams, lotions, cleansers and others may actually leave your skin less healthy than before.  The natural skin care market is large and confusing, leaving consumers like you reaching for the regular products you have always used, rather than diving in to learn more about natural ingredients.  What can a person do to choose only the best skin care products from among the myriad of items to select what will work gently and organically? has skin care products that you will be happy to use. Read More

Our natural skin care products contain some of the following natural ingredients.  You can find beauty inspiring herbs and oils such as witch hazel, aloe vera, chamomile, lavender, ginseng, while mulberry extract, sweet almond, calendula, , natural apricot kernels, crushed almond stones, and even banana powder.  We have an entire line of goat milk products to choose from, in the form of soaps, lotions and face washing creams.  Nothing harmful or synthetic is used in our superior natural skin care products.

Skin care products – All natural

We have skin care products for the whole body.  With essential oils and other natural ingredients, our body scrubs, sunscreen, deodorant, baby ointment, fake tan lotion, anti-cellulite cream and personal lubricant, will leave you with soft, light feeling skin, instead of the heavy chemical-laden products. 

Our skin care products for your face can moisturize, cleanse, lighten and tighten.  We have face masks, aloe vera gel, skin lightening creams, sunscreen, and moisturizers among others.  We know you will love our all-natural ingredients that are used in every item. 

We have the best skin care products for your feet that you can imagine.  Made without harsh chemicals or alcohol, our peppermint foot balm, and foot gel with reviving aromatherapy oils will soothe your aching feet.

Our hand lotions and creams are moisturizing formulas for normal or dry skin, and go on light and smooth.  We certainly can’t forget your lips when you are searching for the best skin care products!  We have a wonderful all-natural lip balm in luscious coffee flavor.

Benefits of using a natural skin care regimen

The first thing to know about using natural skin care products is the lack of harmful toxins and chemicals that have a negative effect on our environment.  Many of our products are manufactured from organic ingredients.

Secondly, without having any harmful ingredients, you decrease the chance of breakouts, irritations and skin redness that may occur with non-natural products.  It also reduces the chance of minor to severe allergic reactions

Finally, our products have been proven to be gentler when used over time, versus their counterparts which are made with synthetic ingredients.  Those may actually cause damage, even if they seem to work initially.  Fillers in the products may cause unavoidable irritation. 

So, take a look at our all-natural skin care line at and see for yourself what a change to natural and organic ingredients can do for your skin!

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