Rose Essential Oil 100% Pure Natural Rosa Centifolia

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Rose Essential Oil 100% Pure Natural  Rosa Centifolia 

Rose absolute essential is a very precious natural essential oil also called "the queen of flowers" and is said to have incredible therapeutic properties. This 100% pure and natural essential oil can be used in skin care, female hormonal issues such as PMT as well as generally lifting the mood

You can also use rose absolute oil to:

•Enhance your bath time. Blend five to six drops of rose absolute oil in a teaspoon of carrier oil or full-fat milk, and then add to your bathwater.

•Relieve tired and cramped muscles. Make a soothing massage oil by diluting two to three drops in three tablespoons of carrier oil.

•Get rid of unpleasant odours, or simply to relax and rejuvenate your mind or body. Add two to four drops of essential oil to a burner, diffuser, aroma stone, or aroma steam, and inhale its invigorating scent.

Diluted rose absolute oil can also be applied topically, such as in skin formulas. It can be added to creams, soaps, and lotions not only for its fragrance, but also for its mild antiviral and bactericidal properties.

Scent: Rich, Floral, Heady

Plant Part: Petal

Country of Origin: India

Colour: Mid to Deep Orange

Fragrance Note: Middle


Lifting, Antiseptic, Aphrodisiac, Emmenagogue, Calming,


Blends well with: other Florals, Bergamot, Clary Sage, Sandalwood, Rosewood,

Frankincense, Palmarosa, Patchouli, Clove, Myrrh and Benzoin

More About Pure Rose essential Oil

What are rose essential oils?

Pure rose essential oil is hard to find. In almost all cases you will find highly diluted oil, usually no more than 5% pure rose oil in a base of oil or even alcohol,. This is because of the high cost of extracting rose. It almost takes 12,000 rose leafs to produce a single 5ml bottle of pure rose essential oil. Despite these obstacles it's still highly coveted and a much loved oil, both for its aroma and its benefits. Its true aroma is rich, floral, sensual, sweet and so heavenly.

What rose oil is used for and how to use it?

We at Aromatherapy and Natural Products offer you high quality rose absolute essential oil. This 100% pure essential oil can be used in skin care, female hormonal issues etc. This 100% pure naturalrose essential oil can also be used for your bath time. You need only 5-6 drops of rose essential oil with tablespoon milk and add it to your bath water. This rose absolute oil also relieves tired and cramped muscles. The only thing you need is three drops of Moroccan rose essential oil to be added to your massage oil. If you would like to get rid of unpleasant odours, to find harmony between you, your mind and your soul, this Moroccan rose essential oil is the best solution. Only 2-4 drops of this oil to a burner, diffuser, and/or aroma stone and inbreathe its magnificent fragrance. The rose absolute oil can also be used in the preparations of different types of skin care products, hair care products creams, soaps and lotions.                                                                    

The ancient civilizations such as the Chinese, Indians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used essential oils for therapy, spiritual purposes, and they were also used in cosmetics, perfumes and medications. These oils have been used for nearly 6000 years. The term “aromatherapy” became known in 1937. It was first used by French chemist and perfumer Rene-Maurice Gattefosse. Aromatherapy or essential oil therapy is used with the aim of improving one’s health and mood. Aromatherapy uses a plant’s aroma-reproducing oils that are essential oils to treat disease, to find harmony and tranquility. Essential oils are made of a plant’s flowers, leaves, stalks, bark, rind or roots. Aromatherapy products are easy to find. They are available in every beauty salon, professional and specialized stores. All the best natural skin care products, natural soap. As you know Aromatherapy and Natural Products is a company supplying pure natural essential oils and essential oil products, skin care products, natural hair products, and natural soaps which are very useful and famous all over the world; at Aromatherapy and Natural Products you can also buy rose essential oil. The history of rose essential oil or organic rose oil goes far back to the past. It has a long history in folk remedies, especially in the area of skin care. It is one of the unique oils which are suitable for all skin types. But it has so much to do with dry, sensitive or aging skins. It is important to ensure that the rose essential oil you are buying is real genuine rose essential oil. Remember that synthetic rose ingredients have no therapeutic value and can be even harmful for your skin and health. So, trust us once and you will never regret it. Our different types of essential oils for skin and hair products will be your favorite ones.

To find harmony nowadays is very difficult, but with us it is very easy. Just buy rose absolute essential oil, light some candles in your bathroom have aroma candles and have a bath with rose essential oil after a hard working day. To find tranquility and harmony, being alone with yourself is so easy with Aromatherapy and Natural Products. We offer you the best aromatherapy product, natural hair and skin care product in UK.

Aromatherapy products help a person to relax and find harmony between body and soul. The best natural hair care products, pure essential oils, natural skin care products, organic soaps and many other goods can be found at Aromatherapy and Natural Products.

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