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Aromatherapy and Natural Products in UK

If you find your skin getting drier in the winter and have itchiness that seems to never end, the reason could easily be your store-bought soap.  Most bars of soaps may be labeled as beauty, body or moisturizing bars, but have actually been stripped chemically of all the natural, good ingredients, such as glycerin, and what is left is basically chemical detergents.  You may be cringing about this now, but there are alternatives to using these drying agents on your skin.  Organic soaps from will give your skin a healthy glow that attracts moisture to be retained in your skin.  Read More

Explore our Range of Organic Soaps

Our organic soaps are created using some of the best ingredients that can be found in soap making.  We have baby soap made from natural aloe vera, lavender and chamomile.  African black soap is made from palm and coconut oils and shea butter.  Tea tree soap is wonderful for acne, eczema and psoriasis.  Our repertoire includes liquid Castile soap, citronella, comfrey and vitamin E, carbolic, and sulphur soap with vitamin E and shea butter.  There are many ways to obtain our soaps such as in slices, loaves or containers for liquid soaps.  Once you have used a natural soap on your skin, you will be loathed to go back to the cheap detergent bars that you used to purchase. 

Benefits of Using Natural Soap

The natural soaps we offer don’t harm the environment in any way.  No chemicals are released into the air or water in the making of natural soaps.  Toxins which are absorbed through the skin, are especially damaging to sensitive skin.  They take the form of dyes, fragrances and other non-desirable chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides.  You shouldn’t be surprised that some of these additives to our everyday soaps are actually known to cause cancer or other illnesses. 

The best organic soaps use much gentler and beneficial ingredients such as butters or vegetable oils that are naturally full of antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins and other essential oils.  These soaps keep your skin soft and healthy and can reclaim your skin from the dryness and itching caused by chemical soaps.  Use them on your acne, psoriasis or eczema and see your skin transform into something more beautiful right before your very eyes.  Full of glycerin, that is natural and added in the soap making process, this rich emollient softens skin and keeps moisturizing it at the same time. 

It is also well known that natural, organic soaps come in a large variety of scents, styles and mixtures.  Recipes for natural soaps abound and we offer many soap creations of the most popular, and coveted selections, worldwide.   

Say no to going one more day using the harsh soaps that are loaded with chemicals and stripped of their natural glycerin.  Isn’t it time you treated your skin better, and give it what it needs?  Aren’t you ready to stop the itch and remedy the dryness?  Visit our website today and choose something to improve your skin, with our natural, organic soaps.

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