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A wonderful organic beard oil made with pure organic natural essential oils - Luxurious Argan Oil Blend. Contains high quality organic and natural ingredients.
Beard Oil, Beard Shampoo, Beard Wash, Gift Sets, Fragranced or Fragrance Free
We are pleased to offer a range of Beard Products including Beard Oils (either Fragranced or Fragrance FREE), Beard Washes/ shampoos (either Fragranced or Fragrance FR...
Green People Shampoo, Adults, Kids, Babies, Men, Various Types FREE P&P

A wide selection of natural shampoos and hair products for babies, kids and adults by Green People.

For external Use only
Suitable for adults only<...
We are pleased to offer two types of treatment for head lice, a hair oil which is blended with full strength natural essential oils
This all natural hair oil is said to help hair loss conditions such as alopecia

Contains only natural ingredients with no chemical additives.
A range of natural Hair Conditioners made with pure natural essential oils to soften and care for your hair and the environment.
A range of natural shampoos made with pure natural essential oils to clean and care for your hair and the environment.
This shampoo for those that suffer from flaky skin, redness and itching caused by Psoriasis contains natural essential oils can help soothe, reduce itching and redness. The shampoo is SLS and Parabens free. After shampooing with this shampoo why not apply our Psoriasis Skin oil for added benefit? For external Use only Suitable for adults only

Natural Hair Products from Aromatherapy and Natural Products in UK

Both men and women alike want soft, shiny, healthy hair that looks attractive.  Unfortunately, the majority of the popular hair care products contain many negative ingredients, and may merely mask any hair issues you may actually have, or even promote damaged hair.  We tend to use so many hair products these days such as shampoos, conditioners, mousses, hair gels, hair sprays, coloring agents and dyes, oils, solutions to thicken or regrow hair and even heat styling elements.  No wonder our hair takes a beating every time we use these products or combinations of them!  They are laden with chemicals that over-strip our hair of its natural oils that are used to keep it shiny and healthy.  It’s time to make a switch and choose natural hair products. Read More  

Our Hair Care Products

We know how much you want to have beautiful, strong, healthy hair, and so we offer shampoos and conditioners for normal or dry hair.  We even have specific products for decreasing dandruff.  Other items help reduce the itching that is caused by psoriasis and cause much misery and suffering.  Our hair care product line includes beard oil, and even head lice remedies for your children.  Keep your hair looking great with our natural hair products in the UK, or see it enriched by these very same products.   We go beyond simple shampoos and conditioners to give you aromatherapy and natural products to use every day, and keep your hair at its best. 

Benefits of Using Natural Hair Products

With so many people caring about the environment, it doesn’t take a stretch to know that also includes what kind of hair care products they use and dispose of into the water. Hair care products that are natural, are mostly biodegradable and will not add to pollution. They are gentler on our hair since there are no harsh chemicals affecting our hair or scalp. By not stripping the natural oils from our hair, it will retain its natural shine and bounce. 

Organic or natural hair care products are also an excellent choice for pregnant women to use daily.  They won’t introduce any adverse chemicals through the skin.  Without these same harmful chemicals, sensitive users won’t experience allergic reactions or skin irritations that are so common with these products. Research is still be conducted in the continuing and long lasting negative effects of chemicals that are absorbed through our skin from our hair care, skin care , soaps, and other products.  Why not stop the destruction to your hair and overall health and turn to natural products to create strong and healthy hair? 

Let your next choice of hair care products be natural.  They are even better than what you have been using for years.  Yes, they can cleanse, condition, nourish, moisturize, volumize, and restore your hair.  Natural hair care can reduce dandruff and help heal your scalp from psoriasis, leaving you with great hair.  Visit our website at, to see all the natural hair care products you have been missing!

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