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Forever Bright Toothgel | | UK FREE Delivery
Forever Bright Toothgel | | UK FREE Delivery
Forever Bright Toothgel | | UK FREE Delivery
Forever Bright Toothgel | | UK FREE Delivery
Forever Bright Toothgel | | UK FREE Delivery
This wonderful flouride free toothgel containing aloe vera and bee propolis is great alternative to conventional toothpasted. As a toothgel it is less abraisive than toothpaste, the bee propolis has antibiotic properties aloe vera is a great medicinal gel particularly for inflammations

Treat your teeth to a natural toothpaste you can trust!

Forever Bright Toothgel by Forever Living is a gentle, fluoride free toothpaste formula containing healthy, high-quality ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Bee Propolis.

Fluoride-Free toothpaste is increasingly sought after as more and more health-conscious consumers start catching on to the dangers of fluoride in regular toothpaste. This natural mint flavoured toothgel delivers a delicious, fresh taste without any nasty ingredients.

Make your teeth sparkle with Forever Bright no fluoride tooth gel. Soothing even for sensitive teeth, this no fluoride toothpaste will leave your teeth gleaming and your mouth feeling fresh for a beaming smile you can wear with confidence as well as a healthy-conscience!

Forever Bright Toothgel contains only premium quality, minimally-processed Aloe Vera, sourced exclusively from The Forever Living Aloe Field in the Dominican Republic, which is the largest Aloe plantation plant anywhere in the world.

Forever Bright toothpaste also contains Bee Propolis - or bee glue- which is a therapeutic substance naturally produced by honey bees and excellent for protecting your teeth! Benefits of Bee Propolis include anti-microbial, anti-ulcer and anti-oxidative properties, and historically, it used by humans in medical applications for thousands of years.

Forever Bright Mint Toothgel is cruelty-free, contains no animal by-products and is suitable for vegetarians.

Officially Certified by The International Aloe Science Council.

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