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This blend of pure, natural essential oils Neem, Lemongrass & Vetiver can help keep those bugs away.
A wonderfully stimulating and refreshing blend of Grapefruit, Juniper berry & Ravensara essential oils to revitalise energy levels during a hectic day.
This blend of pure natural essential oils was found in one university experiment to kill 99.6% of airbourne bacteria. It is also said to be good for coughs and colds
A wonderful blend of essential oils to put give you a feeling of happiness and put you on cloud 9! This blend of pure natural essential oils can be used in a diffuser or in an oil burner to awaken the senses and create a sense of happiness. The fragrance is ideal for the spring and summer months.
This blend can help relieve the symptoms of hayfever
A relaxing blend of Petitgrain, Mandarin, Patchouli and Lavender in a 50% blend with Coconut oil.
This blend of pure natural essential oils is said to produce aphrodisiac effects so if you want to get into the mood for some loving then use this blend.
This blend of Lavender, Sweet Marjoram & Petitgrain pure natural essential oils can help you relax before you go to bed, get a good night sleep.
When diffused, this blend helps create a sense of a roll on blue bottle that can be applied directly to skin. Great to use after a hard days work
A lovers blend of Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Sweet Orange esentials oils in a 10 ml amber bottle with an integral dropper .
A range of essential oil blends to energise, relax or repel insects made with pure natural essential oils